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cleaning your dress

each dress is individual and unique.

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This will give us a more accurate idea for pricing and box sizes.

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While we pride ourselves on the results we are able to achieve and the positive customer feedback we receive, please note that wedding outfits are delicate. The fabrics used and trims applied mean that special, delicate processes must be used and that this can influence the removal of marks. Cleaning can also highlight marks or damage not noticeable prior to cleaning. In spite of the care taken, beads and trims can come loose. These risks cannot always be identified prior to cleaning, but we will take the utmost care to minimize them and return your dress to you looking as beautiful as it is possible to achieve.

Please note that your order will be inspected upon arrival and checked against the order form. If there are any discrepancies a member of our team will contact you to discuss before cleaning can commence.

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