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1. First of all you go to the 'Your Dress' page on our website. This is where you'll tell us about the style of your dress, and whether you will require a presentation box.  

Beach Wedding Venue


Once we have received your dress application we review it and quote you a price, via email based on size/ value of your dress and whether you require a box or not.

(Hey! this is when you can change your mind if you no longer want to proceed.)

Wedding Dance

and then...

As soon as we hear back from you, to confirm you would like to go ahead with the cleaning we will send a courier or delivery driver to collect from your home address.

 (anywhere in Devon & Cornwall free of charge.)

We kindly ask for payments to be made at this stage before collection.

Lace Sleeve


Once cleaned and looking as good as new, we will carefully package it into the PH neutral presentation box (if this is the option you chose). If not we can either return it into its original zip bag or provide you with a breathable cotton one. 

Now it's ready to make its way back to you, on an agreed delivery date.

Wedding Dance
Marble Surface
I Do

nearly there...

Once your dress has arrived back at our site in North Cornwall, a member of the team will do a full review of the dress, pin pointing particular areas to focus on in the pre treatment stage and checking it against your notes.

Then we begin the cleaning process (wahoo!)

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