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Shipping & Returns

So how does it work?


1) You place your order with us.

At this stage we will give you a call to arrange payment based on your requirements, or if it's easier we will send you a link via email. This way we can discuss with you any queries you may have and any marks/tears on the dress that you're particularly worried about.

2) We send you out a designated bag and a box to place your dress in and package up. This will include a free returns label that you can attach to the box and drop off at your local post office, at your earliest convenience.

3) Once we have received your dress our experts will do a detailed pre clean assessment before we begin treatment. At this stage we will check against your notes about the marks/tears present and assess how best to progress with them. (Heavily soiled dresses may require extra pre treatment time spent on them, and therefore will be subsequent of a small charge, this will all be discussed with you and approved before we proceed)

4) We begin treatment of your dress-

This process can take 4-6 weeks (however if you are looking for a faster turnaround this may be possible, please specify when placing your order.)

5) We will place your dress into your chosen presentation box wrapped with PH Neutral tissue paper to preserve and cherish your dress.

*if you have chosen not to have it in a presentation box we will place it in our own packaging to keep it preserved and safe during transport, but we heavily encourage you to remove it from the bag as soon as possible to avoid any damage over time.*

6) We will let you know via text or email that your dress is completed and send it back via our DPD delivery service directly to your door.

7) The dress arrives back with you (yay!)

Return & Exchange Policy

What if I decide that I don't want to have it done anymore once the pre clean assessments have been made? 


We will be more than happy to send it straight back to you with no additional charge, and a full refund. Its very rare for this to happen, but if it does we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. We understand how important this Dress is to you.

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