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Image by Jeremy Wong Weddings
Image by Evelina Friman


One day my Mum went to show me her pride and joy, the dress she married my dad in 30+ years ago.

As we pulled it out of the suitcase that it had been stored in, we quickly discovered that it was in fact destroyed and irreparable. 

The main culprit in this particular scenario was mildew, this can happen when a dress is exposed to humidity and condensation. Another very common issue is fading, if the dress isn't stored in a correct box that will stop light getting to it.

We learnt the hard way, that proper cleaning and storage is key to the preservation of your wedding dress if you want it to stay in tip top condition for years to come.

So teaming up with my Mum (who is now professionally trained in wedding dress cleaning) alongside running her dry cleaners in North Cornwall. We have created something that we know will help brides cherish their dress forever.

It's important for us to know exactly what happens to the dress from start to finish, which is why we clean the dresses on site in Cornwall ourselves, they are never sent away to another site. 

This way we can get to know the dress personally, the stains you're particularly worried about and the storage that will suit you and your dress best.


We look forward to hearing from you,


Jane & Amelia x 

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